The main Little House of Science programmes

Franchisees enjoy higher potential turnover with Little House of Science because we offer more programmes:

Little Discovery (Age 6-12 months and 12-24 months):

Experiential sessions that stimulate the senses of babies and toddlers with new sounds and rhythms, materials, objects, colours and shapes introducing numbers, animals, plants, bugs, stars and more.

Little Maths, Rhythm & Shapes (Ages 2-3 years and 3-4 years):

Activities, music, rhythm and shapes used to build children’s confidence learning numbers and introducing the sea world, transport, arctic animals, bugs, planets, dinosaurs and more.

Little Science (Ages 3-4, 4-7 and 5-8 years)

A weekly project-based workshop class that uses fun and interactive learning, experiments in small groups and take-home projects to help children develop their knowledge of important sciences. Classes run at venue and in schools.

Big Science (Ages 8-11 years)

Big science is the next step for our young scientists and uses weekly project-based workshops to nurture a deeper understanding of science that builds on what children have learned at school.

The LHS Academy (Ages 12-13+)

Coming soon, the LHS Academy provides high-level tutoring to support older children in-line with the GCSE syllabuses in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths they are about to start.

Little House of Science – Science fairs and shows

Little House of Science also runs science fairs, events, and one-off shows in schools and nurseries, which are lucrative in their own right and a great way to introduce us to new children.

Little House of Science Parties

Fantastic activities, projects and demonstrations that have become extremely popular for children’s birthday parties.

Licensed programmes

Licensed packages that we sell directly to schools for them to run as part of their extra-curricular programmes, using their own premises (and even their own teaching staff at some).