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This week on the #YOURPRO series, we speak to Veronika, co-founder of Little House of Science, a company that organizes Children’s Science Education including Holiday Camps and weekend STEM clubs, After-school Club, Workshops and Outreach (live and video) and Publications.


Little House of Science was founded in 2014 in London due to an ever-growing demand from children (ages 3-12 years) wanting to learn more about how the world works! We now teach over 5,000 children each year throughout London and the UK in all STEM related subjects.

We offer after-school clubs (in schools and our venues), science weeks & workshops, demonstrations, assemblies, and holiday camps, which are loved by our little and big scientists alike. Due to the increasing demand, we also offer our classes and workshops across London.

At Little House of Science, we foster the natural curiosity in boys and girls and re-enforce STEM subjects in a fun, project-based way so children can connect with science from an early age. All three partners (Elisabeth, Liliana and Veronika) take a great interest in the science community. They wanted their own children to explore and find answers to the questions about their world around them…such as how plants breathe, the universe, its galaxies, how bridges are built, the life of ants and bees to name a few.

We therefore felt it would be great to have a safe and fun environment for kids to learn about the sciences and all the questions around it. An environment which is active, full of project-based learning, 'hands-on&brains-on' and stimulating.

Examples of topics include:

*The facts about gravity, how do black holes work
*The heart and its main function
*The mystery of light & mirrors – how does it all work?
*Anatomy of plants
*Planet mars – what is so unique about this planet?
*Earthquakes and how they happen
*The structure of dams & bridges

*Astronaut training – what does an Astronaut do?

*Fossils and how they are formed

*Heat reaction, plus many more…”.


Each term we offer new exciting topics and children can go for years without repeating the same classes, this enables your child to build up an incredible library of knowledge supporting and also expanding beyond the school curriculum. Our guiding principle is to ensure the kids go away with inspiration and enthusiasm about learning and wanting to know more about nature and the supportive facts. We would like to think of ourselves as creating or fostering the spark for the next generation of scientists, but the main aim is to provide a foundation for youngsters where after each session, they will have gone home knowing a little bit more about our wonderful world and how things work. Do ask us to join a free trial class or our sibling discounts.

Why not 'refer' Little House of Science to a friend to join our classes or to run a science at your school or nursery. For more details about classes running in schools and venues in the area call us on 0800 092 1062 or email us at info@littlehousofscience.com

We proudly support and work with the following partners: 

Royal Society         Institute of Physics                  



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