Little Discovery

Little Discovery for 12-24 months is a wonderful way of introducing babies to the magical world around us!

We take a new topic every week and explore and investigate it through all of our senses. The children discover new ideas, shapes, colours, textures and sounds of nature. They are also introduced and familiarised with classical music, which has been shown to boost concentration and self-discipline in children. The sessions are filled with many exciting discoveries, we like to stimulate and surprise your little ones!

Children are curious by nature and eager to learn. Our preschool activities are designed to support the love of learning and encourage all the children to interact with the world. Join our educational and entertaining classes and let's explore and wonder together!

Little Discovery will encourage your baby to:

  • Explore their various senses
  • Enjoy new sounds and rhythms with music
  • Discover the touch of new material and objects
  • Be stimulated by colours and shapes

Which topics do we cover?

  • Butterflies
  • Bees
  • Plants
  • Stars
  • Frogs
  • Sea Life
  • Dinosaurs
  • Penguins
  • Numbers . . . and many more!

What age is it designed for?

  • Age 12-24 months – This stage shows tremendous growth in various areas of your child’s cognitive development, which helps with other areas such as movement, social skills and language. Your child will also be more curious regarding objects, and interact with them. All of our activities for toddlers are based on sensory learning, and we use different themes and topics each week to keep them engaged during their learning experience.
  • These classes are also based on sensory learning, but at this stage they will develop self-confidence as their motor skills improve. This will then lead to them learning more though trial and error. Your child will also begin to express himself / herself more, so we encourage the little ones to contribute more to the classes on their own.


  • Chelsea, SW3
  • Notting Hill, W11
  • Swiss Cottage, NW3




Mon, Tue:

9.25, 2pm

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