Science ZOOM Video Classes

SAT, 13 JAN TO SAT, 23 MAR 2024 - (HALF-TERM 12-16 FEB 2024

  • The Secret Life of Fish
  • How Vera Rubin Discovered the Dark Matter
  • Why Wasps Love Figs: Let’s Learn about Symbiotic Relationships
  • Our Brilliant Sun: From Fire to Fusion
  • First Navigators: Polynesian Wayfinders, Vikings, Ancient Greeks and more
  • How do Helicopters Fly?  How do Scientists get Inspiration from Dragonflies?
  • Platypuses: the Most Mysterious Animals
  • Famous Greeks – Archimedes and the Golden Crown
  • Our Brilliant Sun: From Fire to Fusion
  • What are the States of Matter? From the Coldest Condensates to the Hottest Plasmas
    • On Which Days? Age Groups Class Times  SPRING 2024
      Saturday ZOOM Video Classes 4-7 9.30-10.20 13 JAN-23 MAR
      Saturday ZOOM Video Classes 8-12 10.30-11.20 13 JAN-23 MAR

Saturday Science Club

Video Science Classes Online 2023

  • Book daily morning and afternoon sessions online 
  • All online video classes are age-adjusted for 4-7 and 8-12-year-old children (10% siblings & friends discounts will be applied)
  • Our live online video classes are project-based and interactive
  • All our teachers are Scientists & Science Communicators and are highly experienced working with young children
  • Teachers have enhanced DBS checks & safeguarding training in place
  • All our Zoom webinar/meeting classes are live-streamed and highly interactive. Both camera and microphone functionalities are turned on for all students and the teacher. However, if you do not want your child to appear on camera, it can be switched off, which will not affect the ability to participate actively.
  • Classes are recorded and monitored for safety & quality
  • Great for inspiring and exploring science at a young age 
  • Stimulating, engaging and brains-on
  • For group or weekly bookings, please email us: