Little Maths Rythem & Shapes

Little Maths, Rhythm & Shapes, 2-4 years

The foundation for a children's mathematical development in maths is established in their earliest years already. Young children are using and developing number and math skills from very early on and do it quite naturally. Toddlers (and babies) already recognise patterns, learn sequencing, object permanence, sorting, compare and classify objects during activities, playing or their daily routine. The scenario of a two year old having four teddies (two red and two blue and putting two blue aside, is already demonstrating sorting, divding and subtraction). Little Maths classes build on this and takes this one step further to demonstrate to our little pupils what these actions represent and what numbers these quantities are. As it is something they are doing already in their lives, we are helping them understand it and getting them ready for their next step. All in a fun and exciting way using games, play, props, music and rhythm. 

What is Little House of Maths, Rhythm & Shapes?

  • Weekly classes presenting an exciting new concept for children aged 2 to 4 years to begin their wonderful journey with numbers
  • Classes cover a new topic each week
  • Activities designed to help build your child’s confidence with quantities and numbers from 1 to 10 (and building on)
  • Each class offers a combination of music, shapes and colours

What age is it designed for?

  • Age 2-3
  • Age 3-4

Which topics do we cover?

  • Sea World
  • Transportation
  • Arctic Animals
  • Bugs
  • Planets
  • Dinosaurs . . . and many more!


  • Chelsea, SW3 
  • High Street Kensington, W8
  • Notting Hill, W11



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10am & 3pm


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