Little House of Science is a place for Little & Young Scientists to learn, experiment, explore and play!

"More than ever, science must be central to our lives" by Venki Ramakrishnan, the New Royal Society President

Children are natural born scientists and it is never too early to start educating them about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Both girls and boys are curious to learn about the world around them and how things work. We see this from the moment children start to talk. They observe and ask questions. Questions such as why is the sun so bright? How did the stars get into the sky? How do planes fly and cars drive? How are bridges built? How does the fabulous brain work? The questions are endless. 

We at Little House of Science foster this curiosity and re-enforce STEM related subjects in a fun, exciting and practical way so that the children can connect with science from a very early age. In particular, we also encourage girls to start early as it is often too late in capturing their interest and pursuing science in the later years of their development. Whether your child comes to our classes at our venues or whether we are teaching at your school, the secret is to tap into the children’s innate curiosity and allow them to investigate and encourage them to ask questions about the real world.

We relay to them how big a part the various aspects of STEM plays in the quality of all of our lives, and what it can do for us all. Whatever their interests are, we explain how science played a role in it, and that helps connect them to the wonderful world of science.

Our diverse curriculum includes age adjusted topics from Earth, Life and Physical Life Science, as well as Engineering. Our creative science workshops are project based with practical hands-on experiments and include take home items and parental notes. We combine education with a practical and fun approach to nurture your child's natural curiosity.

Our classes and school science workshops, ranging from catering for early ages (3+) to primary school level scientists (11), with a great selection of creative science experiments specifically designed for each age group: 

• Our weekly in-school and after school science workshops are for children aged 3-8, Little Science, and 8-11 years of age, Big Science Academy.

• Little Maths Club offers toddlers aged 2-4 year old to learn about a new topic each week and how numbers are everywhere, along with music, games, shapes and colours!

• Little Discovery is for mum and baby taking their first steps together in learning about the fascinating world where there is so much to learn and experience. Designed for 6-24 months.