Little House of Science is where little and young Scientists can experiment, explore, learn and play!

Children are naturally inquisitive which makes them ideal scientists. It’s never too early to start educating children about STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Both boys and girls are curious and want to learn about the world and how everything works. We notice this from the moment children start to talk to us. They observe their surroundings and ask questions - like how the stars got into the sky? Why is the sun so bright? How are bridges built? How do cars drive and aeroplanes fly? And how do our magnificent brains work? There is never a shortage of questions coming from their eager minds. We now teach 3000's of children each year in STEM related subjects in London and across the UK. Due to the increasing demand we also offer our classes in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hampshire.

At Little House of Science we nurture this curiosity and re-enforce STEM-related subjects in an exciting, practical and fun way so that children can connect with science from a very early age. Girls are particularly encouraged to start early because it can be more challenging to capture an interest to pursue science in the later stages of their development. Whether your child attends our classes at our many venues throughout the UK, or whether we teach at your school - the secret is to tap into childrens natural curiosity and allow them to explore our real world and encourage them to ask questions.

We communicate to the children how important a role the various aspects of STEM play in our life quality and what it can do for us all. This helps them connect to the wonderful world of science, no matter what their interests are. 

Our diverse syllabus includes age-adjusted topics from Life, Earth and Physical Life Science, as well as Engineering. Our project-based creative science workshops involve practical hands-on experiments and also include take-home items and parental notes. We combine education with a fun and practical approach in order to foster your child's innate curiosity.

Our school science workshops and classes cater for multiple age groups – from early ages (3+) to primary school level scientists (KS1 and KS2) with an excellent selection of creative science experiments designed specifically for each age group:

• Our weekly in-school and after-school science workshops are for children aged 3-8, Little Science, and 9-13 years of age, Big Science Academy.