Financial rewards

With Little House of Science you can make more because:

  • Parents are willing to pay more because their children really benefit.
  • Parents sign up for a whole term or year – not just one class at a time.
  • Workshops cover ages up to 11yrs, so you can earn throughout a child’s primary education.
  • Our holiday classes, events and activities mean your income continues when school’s out.
  • You can sell licensed content directly to schools you can’t yet cover with your own classes.
  • You will enjoy additional income from shows, fairs, parties and merchandise.

Potential turnover example:

The table below gives you an indication of different levels of turnover depending on the number of classes running, number of students enrolled and licenses sold . Our own business grew to 27 classes after its first full year with fees of up to £250 per child per term.

Item Example Yr.1 Example Yr.2 Example Yr.3
Workshops 10 20 25
Terms 3 3 3
Average class size 10 12 14
Average term fee £ 235 £ 240 £ 249
Class income £ 70,500 £ 172,800 £ 261,450
License sales 5 15 20
License fee/term £ 130 £ 140.00 £ 150.00
Average class size 10 10 10
License income £ 6,500 £ 21,000 £ 30,000
Parties £ 900 £ 2,300 £ 3,400
Total Sales p.a £ 77,900 £ 196,100 £ 294,850

To be conservative, additional sales of shows, holiday activities and merchandise are not included above.

The figures quoted are as indicative examples only and are based on proven sales of the company-owned pilot unit in London up to 27 classes before license and party income and modelled thereafter. Any figures quoted here are not intended to suggest what any one franchisee will actually make because that may vary with local demand, conditions and the activity of the franchisee and are subject to change against current sales and market prices, which may have changed since going to press.

What should I charge in my area?

Remember that we are looking for a high-level niche group, who are interested in educational classes for children for our subscribed classes (at a higher fee) and cater for lower fee school classes through our in-school programmes and licensed content. We work with you on the pricing of classes in your area, based on your own and our research.