Our history and team

Little House of Science was founded in London by three successful women (Veronika Covington, Elisabeth Keck and Liliana Crachilova) who recognised the demand from parents and children for a more serious approach to learning maths and science that was still fun.

Little House of Science was an instant hit and grew quickly to 27 open classes and over 25 classes in schools serving up to around 450 students per week– and it hasn’t stopped growing since.

Veronika Covington and Elisabeth Keck were founders and co-directors of The Center for Interactive Financial Training (CIFT) offering direct and online training to the City. When they sold CIFT, it was valued at £12m.

Our consultants and solicitors are also Affiliate Members of the British Franchise Association and dedicated to ensuring this ethical franchise meets and exceeds all the codes of ethics of the BFA.

By joining Little House of Science, you get the best of both worlds:

A team that is passionate about teaching better science that also has the proven commercial skills to help ensure your business can be highly successful.