What is the Franchise?

With us, you can have a bigger and more profitable business:

Ours is a management franchise:

  • We are looking for franchisees with the desire to run a growing business.
  • You will build a potentially large business of 10 to 40 weekly classes and 100 to 600 students.
  • You will grow a team of teachers to host those classes, with our help.
  • Because you don’t need to be present in those classes, you can open and fill many more classes than other child-sector franchises.
  • Classes are hosted at select third-party venues, so you don’t need premises and can run many classes at the same time.
  • We can charge more in the market because parents know we offer better value-for-money
  • So your business can be bigger and your profits higher.
  • And you can enjoy those profits spending more quality time with your own family, because your classes and income continue even when you’re away.

Of course, the business is personally rewarding too: It’s very satisfying to become a leader in an ethical business that benefits your community and its children.

Fantastic training, support and care

We are not interested in just selling a franchise – we want to help you build a very successful company, so your students get the best – thus we offer you high levels of training (both at your location and in London), support both at the start and every day as you grow.