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Autumn 2017: Little House of Science has been nominated by Little London: Runner UP Best Kids' Club, Group or Class


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Just a brief email to say my sons, 6 and 9 years, loved the Physics camp! They thought they learned amazing things and came back home to talk about forces, gravity, space, it was great!

They also thought it was great to have young enthusiastic tutors for this. Ines M, April 2018





My son, attended the first term class yesterday. I really wanted to let you know that your teacher just so great! He is genuine and warm, seems to mesmerise the children and get them very engaged and excited. He is an absolute joy and I feel so lucky that my son is being nurtured by him. Warm regards, Alexia A., mother of boy 5 years, Jan 2018



Your team are fantastic they really inspire our children. Have a great break! Best wishes Headteacher London, Nov 2017


Dear Team, I just wanted to thank you and the team for the wonderful week of science you gave my kids this week at your 8 Geniuses who changed the world Summer camp. Max(5) and Phoebe(7) came back brimming with excitement every day, full of all they’d learned and the teachers they’d been inspired by. And what a wonderful range of projects and activities they brought back yesterday.  Max says science is the best thing and he wants to do it every day.  You are geniuses, please pass on my thanks!  


All the very best, Kerynne P. 


*Michael B. Father of 2 boys (6 and 8 years), 23 March 2017*

I hope that you are well. I wanted to give you the feedback about your teacher, he is doing a fantastic job. He is passionate about science and transmitting his interest to the kids, and he is also very patient and pedagogue with them.  His patience is very much appreciated, as 5-6 years old kids can sometimes/often get their attention captured by something else, and he is always very good at dealing with it, patiently and in a caring way.


The content is key in something like a science club, and I have always find the content of high value with Little House of Science.

The person who teach this content is another key element, you have a team of great teachers.




*Mother, West London* 16 March 2017

We really enjoyed the party. The boys thought it was great.

I have recommended it to everyone and think this is the best club we have ever done - My son comes out full of knowledge and full of excitement for everything he’s learnt and the fun way he’s done it…and wonderful parents notes! Thank you to you and all your team!

*Head of Science, SW London school* 1 March 2017

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that your science instructors and everyone at Little House of Science did for our school yesterday.  The girls absolutely loved their sessions and haven’t stopped talking about them since.  The classes were pitched perfectly for the level of the children involved, and one of my personal highlights was heading down to see the Nursery afternoon children doing Amphibians with Archie and watching them measuring their jump distance!  We could not possibly have asked for anything better to act as the backbone for the day.

*Headteacher, South West London* October 2016
I thought I'd pass this along to you to let you know how already, the feedback is coming in and the children are really enjoying the club!
Thanks again for a great first session!
*J. G., London SW12* November 2016
We thoroughly enjoyed the party. The kids were very engaged and thought the experiments were really cool. I thought the entertainer was excellent - he was enthusiastic, funny, explained the science behind the experiments very well, used a good variety of experiments, and gave everyone a chance to volunteer/try them out if they wanted. Overall, everyone had a great time and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you in the future.
*Liora, science party feedback*
I'd like to thank you and your colleagues for arranging and providing an excellent educational entertainment for my son Rafael's birthday party. Both the children and their parents were very pleased with how the party went. I'm sure you'll be hearing from some of them in due course.

 *Mariaclara, Mum to Filippo (6 and a half), London*There are so many things about Little House of Science that we love. It really encourages children to take an active interest in science. This is such an important part of our life and the classes really help to engage children and bring science to life. Filippo loves it; he wouldn’t miss a session for the world. The class we go to is at Imperial College which is an inspiring setting, there is a real buzz and plenty of scientific gadgets around, which really triggers the children's interest. The things they do in the class are great, lots of experiments like putting an egg in vinegar to see the shell corrode and building with lolly sticks to learn about construction. They often leave the class with experiments that they can do at home. One week they had an astronaut come in and talk to them about her experience which was fantastic and really stimulating. Filippo is a really curious boy, he loves learning all about these topics, and I get so much pleasure out of seeing his enthusiasm and passion and taking such an interest in it all. It really is his favourite thing in the world. 


*Anna, Mum to Alexander (3 and a half). London*
I like that the classes at Little House of Science are geared towards the developmental stages of the children. The classes are interactive and keep the children focused by changing position - working in a group, with a partner or on their own, which is also great for social awareness. Little House of Science is an academic, interactive fun class, which introduces exciting science ideas to children. Also, it gives me a glimpse as to how my son will be in school when he starts in September, which is helpful. The materials are provided and the children get to take an experiment home. I also love the fact that as a parent I'm involved and that I'm learning too! 


*Farah, Mum to 3 boys, London*

My seven year old son goes to the science club at Little House of Science each week and thinks it’s fantastic. They do lots of different things, and each week is themed -it’s very hands as they conduct experiments and make models. This week they will be learning about smell and making perfume- but in the past they’ve made salt crystals, learnt about magnets and made compasses. They always get to make something to bring home which reinforces what they have learnt. One of the best sessions was when they brought a caterpillar home and had to wait for it to turn into a chrysalis and then a butterfly. He really understood they whole life cycle. It’s educational but so much fun with it, and it makes my happy, he thinks it’s absolutely brilliant! 



Theo: "mummy, I don't want to go to school today"
Mum: "why? What's wrong? Is your tummy hurting?"
Theo: " no, I just want to go to science club all day long!" Isn't that great? Well done to all of you at LHoS!

F.H. mother of Theo, 7 years


Esme really enjoyed her first class, she talked about snails the entire ride home. Big smiles, very excited little girl! Thank you for the parental notes, these are fantastic.

S.H, mum of Esme, 4 years


Hello, Thank you so much - I think it was safe to say the science party was a success and the kids enjoyed themselves - the entertainment was great - well done to all of you! Thanks in advance for the photos - the ones I took were a bit shoddy ! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks again. Kind regards,

F.H., mother of Theodore, 7 years


Thank you for a wonderful session with the real astronaut. Alin was so taken by the real live one and she kept talking about her. She didn't remember the name of the astronaut. Would you be able to let us know her name again please?

She came home and told her father and her grandparents (who happened to come and visit on the day) that the real astronaut came to the science club. She was in blue and not in orange (Alin has a book about an astronaut call Stephanie who is in orange suit) and she told us about the wonderful things she learned such as it was difficult to eat food in the zero gravity environment. Thank you so much for the great experience she had on Thursday.

T. B (Alin's mum), 6 years


I love how flexible you guys are, in terms of schedule changes and now my boy is a bit older he can keep coming to your Big science classes to keep him challenged! It is his favourite activity all week.

V. G. (Philip's mum), 8 years

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