Little House of Science is a place for children to learn, experiment, explore and play!


Our mission at Little House of Science is to make science fun and exciting for Little Scientists (4-7 years) and Big Scientists (8-12 years) and help contribute to their understanding of how nature and the world around them works. Given children’s in-born curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning new things, we want to create an environment where they can have fun, experiment and learn facts which can help them dissect our world! We at Little House of Science foster this curiosity and re-enforce STEM related subject in a fun and practical way so that the children can connect with science from an early age. 

All our science instructors have either Master or PhD degrees from renown UK Universities, having studied Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Mathematics, as well Science Communications. Our teachers love working with children and passing their passion to study Sciences. They are fully DBS checked, insured to teach in schools and nurseries and any open venues and have ongoing safeguarding training.

Anatomy of lessons

Each project based science lesson introduces children to a new scientific concept or idea in a simplified and an age-adjusted way. The starting point of each workshop is a presentation and a group discussion of the scientific subject combined often by a video material and supported by a practical demonstration. The second part of the workshop is dedicated to practical work where children have the opportunity to explore the topic of the day by performing hands-on experiments.

During our workshops, children are encouraged to ask questions, perform investigations, get familiar with the “scientific” vocabulary and ultimately learn to apply problem-solving skills. Our materials are thoughtfully designed to include colourful notes for the children as well as supportive notes for the parents to keep them informed on what the children learned at each workshop. As a result, parents are given a chance to discuss, reference and ask questions about the topic in day-to-day conversations which assists in reinforcing the learning process!

Sessions involve a fact delivery, an interactive discussion, hands- on experiments, a take home projects, as well as weekly parental notes and recommended reading lists.

For Big Science Academy  (8-12 years) will look to further develop our Big Scientists knowledge and approach by building on:

* investigation and analysis
* understanding scientific methods
* learning about variables
* taking measurements
* recording data
* presenting enquiries and much more!


Our topics each week will build on our Big Scientists applying themselves to enrich their knowledge across biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.


Please feel free to ask us for a trial class or for any sibling discounts and we offer weekly or monthly payment options! ALL CLASSES ARE FULLY RISK ASSESSED!

Our diverse curriculum includes STEM subjects and topics from biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and maths, such as:

  • Snails, worms
  • Robotics
  • Heat & chemical reactions
  • Ecosystems and habitats
  • Light & mirrors
  • Anatomy of plants
  • Light & colour
  • The human heart
  • The mysterious brain
  • Ants, bees, spiders, ladybirds
  • Amphibians and reptiles
  • Flight and Aerodynamics
  • Earthquakes & volcanoes
  • Engineering of dams & bridges, towers
  • Astronaut training
  • Fossils & geology
  • The Genius of Isaac Newton
  • Water cycle
  • How to build rockets?
  • Go Green with environmental engineering
  • Our Sense of Smell
  • Vision and Sound
  • The exploration of the moon
  • Planet mars
  • Green Engineering
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Aerodynamics
  • Architecture
  • And many more... 


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